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Our females - PATONY Katama King -

Patony Katama KingPosted: 16.12.2012


Born: 17. 12. 2009


Height: 62 cm


Weight: 34 kg


HD 0/0


ED 0/0


Full dentition



This Patony Katama King "Tonka".

I brought her in her nearly 10 months of Moravia from Topolná. She had a beautiful head and her muscular structure overwhelmed me. Her father Amabhele Lihuntra "Speckled" is an import from South Africa. We immediately fell in love and became a great friend of us.

The Toninka became foundress my kennel.

It is very sweet and affectionate, but as it is written in the standard in the nature of strangers keeps distance. It is alert and her friend Bahati are inseparable couple and a perfect pack. He loves not only children, but also for other animals. It's not a hunter, but rather an observer, as doe me anywhere.

It is at all times very playful.

The most satisfied in our society, but there are times when he uses his ease in his lair.

He loves long walks in summer and in winter snow in the sun, frolicking with children, but also our little bitch Tereza and Lucy.

Tonka has character and it's calm and patient girl, but when she grabs a tantrum, so she is a fool who flies to chase.

As for the food, so eat everything, but the plot does not skip a treat, take a meal just from me, and that in many cases cenním.

It's a very caring and nurturing mother.

I am extremely glad that I had just given her, I perfectly understand and one without the other will not move, it's a závisláček at me and stuck me in the heart, where it has its place.

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