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Our females - BAHATI Riveni -

Bahati RiveniPosted: 17.12.2012


Bahati Riveni

This is my first RR. I brought her in mid-May of Terlicko when she was almost four months. Very much I wanted to take home the Rhodesian Ridgeback.

I wanted to shows not only female, but also as the founder of their kennel. Just in September, we went to an exhibition in Liberec where we succeeded with VN.

Unfortunately, we found that it did not grow two teeth and x-ray has both P2 :-(

The Bahati has become an excellent guard dog and to whom I can rely 100% when it comes to the protection of property, as well as my children.

Bahati is a member of our family, and accompanies us at every show.

It's incredibly responsive and lets you explain things and when looks at you with his little eyes as if he was talking to you.

It is a tomboy who loves to move, sit still a moment, he loves water and retrieving. It is friendly to strangers but keeps distance. All you need are the cats of the neighborhood, but as a means to our rabbit Bob and guinea pig Elina, and with chickens and her half-sister Patony are inseparable team.

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