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Dnešní datum: 16.10.2018    Svátek má: Havel  (Zítra: Hedvika )
 Z psího kalendáře: Lojza (Zítra: Monty )
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Puppies are 1 weekPosted: 16.12.2012

Puppies already is 1 week and are to be alive and kicking, my mother feeds her Mlíčko responsibly and maintain cleanliness in bed. Today we also shortened the nails and exchanged bows with larger ones. Soon she will have open their eyes.


 Breeder's diary





Mr. Brown -standard?

birth weight 586g

Mrs. Pink
 - standard

birth weight 591g

Mr. Green
 - standard

birth weight 520g

Mr. Blue
 - standard

birth weight 512g

Mr. Black - standard?

birth weight 514g

Mr.Light Green
 - standard

birth weight 492g

Mrs. Gold
 - non-standard

kinked tail to tail

birth weight 437g

Mrs. Violet - standard?

birth weight 523g

Mrs. Orange
 - standard

birth weight 492g



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