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Litter - "A" -

Puppies are 18 weeks Posted: 21.04.2013

Photos of new homes

Puppies are 16 weeks Updated: 11.12.2015

Azizi from birth

Puppies are 14-15 weeks Posted: 18.03.2013

Last free two boys

Puppies are 12-13 weeks Posted: 28.02.2013

This is how you now feel our puppies and beautifully costumed us.

Puppies are 11 weeks Posted: 20.02.2013

Puppies are doing to the world and are already learning basic commands as well - see video

Puppies are 9-10 weeks - Winter fun Posted: 28.01.2013

Most puppies have left us and are a delight for the new owners. Now we have three puppies available.

Puppies are 7-8 weeks Posted: 27.01.2013

Each puppy has been my tattoo tab and first vaccinations. They are increasingly hungrier and very fast learner. Also leaving, and it's time we had some puppies slowly leave and go to their new home to a loving family ♥

Puppies are 6 weeks Posted: 15.01.2013

We know their names and come running perfectly on call. Getting more training attitude and hygiene. My mother is breastfeeding only when you capture the Puppies.

Puppies are 5 weeks Updated: 11.12.2015

Puppies are 5 weeks and their games are growing stronger. They begin to fight and struggle more to the occasional squeals. I also have about half of them can get out of the crate and then explore the area, including aunts Bahati :-) Also, each tattoo has been assigned a number.

Puppies are 4 weeks Updated: 11.12.2015

Puppies are a month and already they are beginning to show their nature. They begin to fight more and fight among themselves. Gradually they learn their names and pass to the granules. We tried a few postojovek because even if it did not like puppies :-)

Puppies are 3 weeks Posted: 29.12.2012

We have already started the third week and puppies are slowly beginning to change from a diet of milk from mothers on fish mash and soaked granules and other snacks. Nor do they have names. Everyone's running beautifully and are curious. They use a birthing box and begin to teach chastity. Everyday some growl and bark to surprise us anymore.

Puppies are 2 weeks Posted: 20.12.2012

Puppies are already two weeks and already have their eyes open, trying to walk on all fours. They have already had first worming and got new collars and so Mr. Green Light Blue Light became Mr. and Miss Golden became Miss Yellow. My mother still feeds all milk and so still do not add supplementary :-)

Puppies are 1 week Posted: 16.12.2012

Puppies already is 1 week and are to be alive and kicking, my mother feeds her Mlíčko responsibly and maintain cleanliness in bed. Today we also shortened the nails and exchanged bows with larger ones. Soon she will have open their eyes.

Litter A - We have 9 puppies Posted: 16.12.2012

At night 6th December 11 puppies were born 6 boy a 5 girl (1x kinked tail of tail, 0 DS, low white, all have a ridge)