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Info about puppies -

Rhodesian Ridgeback puppy from usPosted: 16.12.2012


Our kennel was founded in 2011. My first Rhodesian Ridgeback was Bahati Riven and for the second I bought Patony Katama King, who became the founder of my Kennels Czech Paradise Ridges. Our first litter was born at the end of 2012.


We are located in the unspoilt countryside of the Czech Paradise area of ​​3000 square meters on and our priority is to breed Rhodesian Ridgeback breed with a quality look and feel along with a balanced character, including socialization and basic training.


Our puppies are raised at home with his mother. They are fully socialized to dogs and other animals - chickens, cats, but also domestic rabbit and guinea pig, and even the bustle of cars and various devices in the home.

One of socialization is to visit a local nursery school, where you not only enjoy children and cuddling puppies, but the puppies get used to more people.

They are always on dewormed and vaccinated.

The new homes always go up after reaching 8 weeks of life.

Always requires at least one visit to a new owner, to recognize not only on us but also his and we could get acquainted and see how its potential puppy grows and develops his character in the pack.

I also want to know in which environment the puppy will go and how it should be handled. RR is not a dog to shed only given where it comes from.

Puppy with you here take only a toy and blanket with the smell of his mother, that he had not been sad in his new home, but also gets a purchase contract with a vaccination card and properly dewormed, vaccinated and tattooed on (if it finds new owners abroad will also chipped ). The bag can also take granules throughout the week for a transition to a different brand.



Our dogs fed pellets Nutrican and dogs are very tasty and I think even affordable for a large breed.


Puppies come with you to your new home:

The purchase contract


Certificate of Vaccination

Granules for a week



and from collar made us (of your choice)

For booking we require a non-refundable deposit of 25% of the danného puppy. Refundable only in case of force majeure.


A few tips before you buy a new dog:


Before you going to get any puppy, you have to realize that it is a living creature and can be with us even 10 or more years. It is also good to find out something about Danny breed as RR but the hounds in the group, I'd joined the group společeských dogs, as required by the company and not like sám.Po long time in your life will require not only good food but also veterinary checks , exercise, consistent training and loving family and a warm bed. If you are able to provide all of this dog, you can get it.


A few tips on what to watch out for when choosing a puppy:

Always choose a puppy, where it was reared and whether you like the environment in which they live, whether they liked it and you ask to see the other puppies from the litter and possibly other members of the pack do not be afraid to ask the breeder what Koliva question, what's your problem to a wall or other dogs, and consider how you answered the breeder if you answer enough to satisfy his puppy in the litter should be healthy, lively and curious, it would also be seen to be well nourished and suffering not, but not overfeeding puppy should be fragrant and clean and if it is a dog, then it should be running both testicles and find out what it was fed puppy and when and what was dewormed and inoculated if you are considering a dog suitable for breeding and exhibition, we should pay attention to the appearance and character, and mainly on the health page of parents and their ancestors and their offspring in a litter.

It is best to take a puppy than a RR, so go look in a kennel and even to that which has just puppies.


Price puppy:

Price of standard male or female from the average density is 15.000-24.000CZK (600-1000 EUR).


Individuals standard of quality breeds and lines are priced ranging from 25.000-40.000CZK (1000-1600 USD).

Price non-standard "pet" individuals is 13.000-19.000CZK (520-760 EUR).

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