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Dnešní datum: 16.10.2018    Svátek má: Havel  (Zítra: Hedvika )
 Z psího kalendáře: Lojza (Zítra: Monty )
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Litter - "C" -

The last free boy Posted: 29.12.2015

Carlos last free boy

Puppies have 8rd week Posted: 29.12.2015

Standard 2 last boys

The puppies are 7 weeks Posted: 25.12.2015

4 last free boys

Puppies are 5 to 6 week Updated: 14.12.2015

Puppies have in store their tattoo numbers and will be vaccinated first. They grow before his eyes, and it seems to me that every morning is always a bit bigger - they are rascals.

Puppies have 3rd - 4rd week Posted: 30.11.2015

Puppies begin to explore the whole birthing box and not only that, but each other. Growling at each other, barking, but wags her tail and able to give kisses. Each of them has a name, and soon will have its tattoo number.

Puppies have Week 1 -2 Updated: 02.12.2015

First photos of puppies

Litter C - We have 12 puppies Posted: 24.10.2015

On the night of October 21 to October 22, we gave birth to 12 puppies 9 boys and 3 girls (0 DS, minimum white, )

Planned litter C SUMMER / AUTUMN 2015 Posted: 21.08.2015

Accept reservations for puppies